PDD3 – Short-Depth Display Rack

The PDD3 was based on our multi-headed hydra platform. With four different series the PDD3-F18, PDD3-F20, PDD3-F22, and our ground breaking quad head PDDF-F26 there is guaranteed to be a display that will suit the most demanding of needs. All the PDD3 series were designed for a transit case design. The series was built for rugged applications.

The PDD3-F18 was developed for specifically for short depth applications. Being Only 18″ in depth this unit offers both a double and triple monitor options. It offers a rugged design with a simplified pass through back.

The PDD3-F20 like the PDD3-F18 has a short depth , so when needing a shorter depth display with a variety of options the PDD2-F20 is the perfect match. There are flexible options  when it comes to controllers, handles, powers, and connectors. It has the ability to have up to 3 monitors but has a 2 monitor option as well.

With the advent of our New Hydra PDD3-F22, based on a 22” frame, it allows us to introduce two very different solutions. With the expanded 22” frame we are able to offer our 17” Wide Dual or Triple Screen platform with additional controller options or other customized electronics. While with the new 22” frame we are also are able to introduce our New Hydra Dual 19” 4 platform. These are welcome additions to our diverse line of Hydra Multi-Head products.

The PDD3-F26 is the first QUAD-HEAD display in the industry. It’s contained in a 3U/4U 26″ deep rugged 19″ rack mount. The ability to hold up to 4 screens gives you the option on the configuration of the screens. As the monitors are deployed they come out with Transformer like movements.