1U Rack Drawer LCD Display Clamshell Design With Integrated LCD Monitors, Keyboards And KVM Switches

RD1U, Rack Drawer 1U, what does that mean?

RD1U is short for “Rack Drawer 1U”. Our Rugged 1U Rack Drawer  is a rack drawer designed display to fit in a 19″ wide rack. 1U is 1 Rack unit or 1.75″ per unit in hight. 2U, 3U, 4U is 2×1.75″, 3×1.75″, or 4×1.75″ etc.


The series dictates the construction and depth of our drawers. The CAT which is our clamshell aluminum Transit-case  that is 17″ deep. The Transit-case units have upgrades to the internal components that a make it more rugged, suitable for the mobile computing environment.

Legacy Products

Here is our offering of previous models and products. Please Note: Legacy products do not have the breadth of features and support available with our current line of DITHD products.