Rack Mount LCD

DTS is our display and touch systems. It consists of our rack mount(RM), on rack(OR), telepresence(TM), panel mount(PM), and open frame(OF) display monitor solution. These monitors are designed to have integrated touch or not, depending on your application. We have a wide variety of panel housings to meet just about any application. On the odd occasion that you need a custom panel built, we can leverage on our DIT monitor building blocks to come up with a solution for your needs.

DTS-RMxx Rack Mount fitting Inside a standard 19″ Rack
DTS-ORxx On Rack is Design to fit on a standard rack but not in
DTS-TMxx Telepresence Monitor sit very low to the table with incredible viewing angles
DTS-PMxx Pan Mount monitor can be cut into and wall or ship Hull and mounted flush with a beauty ring
DTS-OFxx Open frames are just that, a monitor with a faraday cadge and controller for the Designer in you.