Rack Drawer Display 1U

RD1U stands for a Rack Drawer Display 1U . It brings the Monitor, Keyboard and optional KVM switch together into a drawer format. It fits into a standard 19” rack with depths as shallow as 17” and can extend up to 36”. Since not every application is the same we have developed both Clam shell, Lay flat, and Split designs. A clam shell design allows for shorter rack depth applications, while the lay flat allows for larger monitors and more keyboard options.The RD1U Series offers Monitor Sizes of 15, 17, 17W, 19, 19W & 20.1”. There are up to 12 different keyboard options available, as well as 16 different KVM switches / backs, 8 different front faces, 6 different handles, and 4 different video controller cards for this series. This series is the most configurable rack drawers on the planet.

RD1U-C is our C Class or clamshell design of rack drawers it opens and closes like a clamshell would. Clamshell units have the keyboard under the LCD like a laptop. Some units have built in KVM switches which we put in the back portion of the rack drawer. The series dictates the construction and depth of our drawers. (CA17 vs CAT17) the CA is or clamshell Aluminum light industrial that is 17″ in depth vs our CAT which is our clamshell aluminum Transit-case  that is 17″ deep. The Transit-case units have upgrades to the internal components that a make it more rugged, suitable for the mobile computing environment. This also applies to or CA20 and CAT20 both at 20″ deep, and our CA24 and CAT24 at 24″ deep.

RD1U-F is our F Class or LAY FLAT design of rack drawers. The panel lays back flat in the drawer in the stowed position, until you want to use it. Then you pull the drawer out and pop it up and return the drawer to the deployed position.  The keyboard is positioned in front of  the LCD and they take very little space when the unit is deployed, we code name them stealth keyboards. We can also use large trackballs in this type of unit because of the position of the keyboard. Some units have built in KVM switches which we put un the back portion of the rack drawer otherwise the cables come out a cable pass through port in the back. The series dictates the depth of this drawers. The F27 series lay flat are 27″ in depth, and have no room to integrate a KVM switch. Our F30 and F32 are 30″ and 32″ in depth respectively. Each one can have integrated KVM and the depth is determined by which KVM switch you chose.

RD1U-S and RD2U-S is our S Class or Split Rack Drawer design, meaning the monitor and keyboard move independently of each other. That means you can keep the monitor up for constant viewing and put the keyboard into stowed position. Some units have built in KVM switches which we put in the back portion of the rack drawer. Right now these drawers have 2 series, the RD1U-S20 which is 1U split that is 20″ deep and has limited options  and the RD2U-S20 Which is 2U split that is 20 inches deep and has many more KVM Switch, LCD and keyboard options .